10 Exotic Cats That Look Like They Came From A Movie

brown exotic cats

Cats are better than dogs – we all know that.

They’re soft and cuddly, and they don’t require daily walks like dogs (and some of them, like the Bambino cat, don’t even need any exercise!).

But not all cats are ideal for families.

Some of them want nothing to do with kids, whereas others are so mellow they’ll let your kids do whatever they want.

Here’s our list of 10 exotic cats that might be the perfect fit for families with younger children.

Chances are you’ll find at least one breed that would be well-suited to any kid out there, no matter their personality. Check it out!

1. Cornish Rex Cat

One of the most unusual-looking breeds around, these short-haired cats have very soft and velvety fur because their hair lacks the three outer layers found in other mammals.

Their big ears aren’t just for show – they help these cats hear better by collecting more sound waves behind them.

They mostly come in black but can also be gray, brown, white, and even red.

Cornish Rex cats are pretty laid back, but don’t be surprised if your new cat suddenly gets jealous of all the attention your kids get!

They’re also quite intelligent and can learn to open doors or play fetch with you.

If you’re not interested in the regular daily duties of owning a cat-like scooping litter or placing fresh food out every morning – these may be the perfect choice for you because they require minimal care.

Also, while they enjoy being petted by adults (for example, when watching TV), these cats prefer playing with children more than anything else!

2. American Wirehair Cat

A large-sized that originated in New York State, these cats are known for their soft, curly fur.

Various colors are available, all of which are accepted by cat standards (i.e., no color is excluded).

The American Wirehair cat has slightly wavy hair that clings to its body instead of lying flat like most other breeds.

They’re generally healthy and playful little bundles of joy who enjoy playing with children just as much as they do with adults.

3. Siberian Forest Cat

This large feline breed boasts a full coat made up of three layers: the top layer, or guard hairs; the middle layer, or awn hairs; and the bottom layer, or down hair.

Their roots go back many centuries to Russia, where they were treasured for not only their beauty but also for their warmth.

The breed is known for its sweet temperament and laid-back lifestyle.

Parents need not worry about this breed getting too active because these cats are known to be pretty lazy!

But they do enjoy playing with kiddos every so often – especially when the children in question happen to be kittens themselves.

4. Bambino Cat

A rare breed that’s slowly growing in popularity in America (they’re very common in Europe), the Bambino cat does resemble a Sphynx (more on them later).

That means it has no fur at all (just like the Sphynx).

However, these cats actually have long whiskers and eyebrows, making them look more like cute little teddy bears than hairless cats.

They’re very affectionate and enjoy showing people love, but they also have a mischievous side that makes them a blast to be around.

5. American Shorthair Cat

These mellow kitties originated in America – hence their name! Unlike most other breeds, this one doesn’t have any special requirements as far as grooming is concerned.

All it needs to be brushed regularly is its coat because it’s long and silky.

The American Shorthair cat comes in many different colors, which adds to its charm.

Many people are surprised to discover these cats can actually be quite active when they want to be.

Some of them are known for being lap cats, but others love to play games like fetch or chasing a laser pointer.

Cats are wonderful pets for both adults and children!

6. Manx Cat

The Manx is a breed that’s easily recognized because it lacks a tail.

It’s believed that this mutation happened when the cat was first domesticated and became popular on the Isle of Man, hence the name.

These cats come in all different colors and patterns and are generally healthy and hardy.

Manx cats have an easy-going temperament and love to be around people – especially children.

They’re usually not too active, preferring instead to lounge around the house or curl up on your lap for a nap. However, they will get up and play when the opportunity presents itself.

7. Birman Cat

The Birman cat is one of the most beautiful kitties on this list – and probably in your entire neighborhood!

It has striking blue eyes and a coat made up of four different colors: white, cream, biscuit, and light gold.

Because of its gorgeous appearance, the Birman cat was named after the French word for “white.”

Its personality matches its looks; it can be delightful and gentle with children (provided they’re respectful).

These cats are definitely not lapping cats, but they still enjoy showing love to their owners every now and then.

8.  American Curl Cat

This breed’s distinguishing characteristic is its unique ears (or lack thereof), which curl back against its head.

It’s believed that the American Curl cat got its ears like this due to a genetic mutation (just like the Manx).

These cats are intelligent and active, making them great for families with children who love playing games.

American Curls typically have very outgoing personalities, but they’re not overly affectionate.

They prefer to play games on their own terms rather than just cuddling up with you all day long.

However, they still do enjoy spending time with their owners every now and then – especially if they know there are treats in it for them! 

9. Scottish Fold Cat

Like its name implies, this breed originated in Scotland – or at least it did, according to experts.

Some experts believe that these cats actually originated in a small village called Coupar Angus near Perthshire instead (it was originally named the Coupar Angus cat).

Despite its docile temperament, it is one of the most popular breeds in the world today.

Scottish Folds are generally lovely and relaxed around children, so they’re great if you want an easy-going kitty.

Even though they love being around people, they don’t enjoy being held or cuddled too much – which is why many people consider them to be “loners.”

However, there are some breeds that do enjoy cuddling every now and then!

10. Javanese Cat

The Javanese cat looks similar to the Balinese but with different colors.

They tend to have fairly large bodies but smaller heads in comparison.

These cats are great for families with kids, thanks to their relaxed personalities.

Javanese are very gentle creatures that are known for being independent and having a mind of their own.

However, they also like attention – especially if they know there’s something in it for them (like treats or playtime !).

They’re usually active pets, which means you’ll probably see them running around your house every now and then.


There you have it! If you’re looking for an exotic breed of cat to keep your family company, any one of these breeds would be a great fit.

Just remember to do your research before bringing any new pet into your home to make sure they’re the perfect fit for you and your family.

Thanks for reading!