10 Ways to Keep your Puppy Cool in Hot Weather.

10 Ways to Keep your Puppy Cool in Hot Weather.

Are you the proud owner of a new pup?

Dogs overheat much easier and quicker than humans do due to their lack of sweat glands and panting being how they cool themselves down.

Young puppies are at even greater risk for heatstroke because they can’t regulate their temperature like an adult dog could.

Also, breeds without double coats won’t have fully developed theirs yet while being full of energy too!

1. Provide Shade.

If you spend a lot of time with your puppy in the yard, they should have access to Shade as well!

f there is no shade tree nearby, an outdoor patio umbrella or sunshade canopy will work just fine.

Puppies can also find shelter from UV rays in indoor and ventilated areas like dog crates and doghouses that allow airflow.

2. Give Them Cold Water.

Pups need cool and clean water.

When they are dehydrated, the evaporative process happens when a dog pants are one of their main ways to regulate temperature.

A puppy can develop heatstroke more quickly if it’s thirsty or not drinking enough cold water.

We all know it’s a good idea to have some on hand; however, be aware that playful puppies may tip over the whole bowl!

To avoid this mishap, you could dig a hole in the ground and fit an old watering pail inside for them.

That is so that your pup won’t knock it all over while playing with friends at home.

3. A Cool Frozen Treat.

Dog days of summer are here, and your pup is probably feeling the heat.

Some hot dogs prefer to curl up in a cool corner with their favorite toy or chew bone, while others just want you to pour some cold water on them!

Here’s how you can keep those popsicles from melting all over the floor:

Fill your dog’s rubber chew toy with blended food (like chicken broth), then stick it in the freezer for about an hour before giving it out as a treat.

You could also give yogurt concoctions, and baby food treats chilled overnight when they start getting too warm outside.

Giving frozen snacks will help soothe pains associated with teething and keeps little minds occupied – we know what it’s like trying to calm an active puppy.

4. Get A Misty Fan.

Pet dogs and cats need to stay cool in the summertime too.

A great way is with a misting fan, which will keep their fur damp, so they don’t get overheated.

Many different models of these fans can be placed on porches or patios, next to dog pens outside for play time-put one wherever you want!

Make sure your pet has access only to grassy surfaces when using this type of cooling system; watering dry ground could make muddier messes than necessary.

5. Doggie Pool Party.

Why not turn that backyard into a dog’s dream this summer?

Set up the kiddie wading pool and invite your pup to splash around.

Ensure you set it in an area shaded from the sun (it will be hot enough without adding more heat!).

You can also have some of his or her friends over, but make sure they know how to get out if necessary!

Have water for dogs’ toys floating about, so he or she learns different sports like swimming with older pups.

Keep him cool during these humid days and nights – nobody wants their fur-friend feeling too warm all day long!

6. Make A Shaded Area.

Puppies need a cool place to stay during those hot summer days, so why not create your very own puppy-shaded area!

Fill it with dirt and sand for them to dig their way into.

Then, wet down the ground around the sandbox to keep the pup well hydrated all day long.

7.Innovative Cooling technology.

Does heat affect pets the same way it affects humans?

That’s not surprising when you think about it. After all, we’re their masters, and they rely on us for everything!

What is a little shocking, though, is that technology is already explicitly designed to help cool pets down from hot temperatures; Cooling Technology!

Not only does this tech save our four-legged friends, but also two-footed ones too.

Athletes at sporting events or those playing outside running around getting themselves sweaty under the sun have used this technology successfully.

The cooling system used by these clever people (not unlike your favorite pet!) can last up to several hours on a warm day.

8. Down or Dusk Walks Only.

Don’t let your pup get overheated this summer!

Exercise is essential for puppies, but be sure to take them outside at dawn and dusk when the temperatures are lower.

For hot days, try to avoid bringing your pup outdoors in the heat of the day.

If you must go for a walk during that time, make sure there is plenty of water and Shade available at all times.

A short walk will suffice during these times – a 10-minute brisk jog on asphalt can burn their paws!

9. No Air Conditioning?

Although we’re indoors, it might be tempting to leave our pup in a room with no air conditioning.

But if you don’t have AC at home or want to avoid the high cost of installing one for your pet’s sake, consider getting a fan that can cool down their sleeping quarters and closing blinds on bright days!

10. Puppies deserve to sleep comfortably, too!

For the most part, they’ll be snoozing all day.

So when it’s time for bedtime and your pup is yawning his head off from exhaustion after a long play session or nap in the sun, make sure he has an appropriate sleeping spot that will keep him cool on those hot summer days (and nights).

No one likes being sweaty-hot while trying to get some zzzs – not even furry friends who don’t have sweat glands as we do!

Elevated beds are perfect because they allow airflow through underneath them so pups can rest their heads without getting overheated by warm feet under heavy blankets.

Do you love your pup like family? If so, then don’t ever leave them in a stationary car.

That’s right!

Even if it’s for just one second to grab some groceries at the store and even when they are panting with their tongue out during the hot summer months – never put yourself or your four-legged friend in such an awful situation.

Your pet will be risking heatstroke that can lead to death by leaving them unattended inside of a closed vehicle on what turns into an unbearably scorching day (even after only 10 minutes).

Letting our furry friends roast under these conditions is not worth getting off track from all those errands we have planned because as soon as something goes wrong… well, now we’re not getting those errands done anyway!