17 Ways to Know If Your Dog Loves You

Dog loves you

How do you determine the affection of your four-legged friend?

Our dogs show through different behaviors – sometimes in very curious ways – that they have taken us deep into their hearts. 

Each dog develops incredibly strong emotional ties with his family or with a particular person.

However, there are many behaviors that our dogs perform that are obvious signs that they love us.

Here we show you 17 of their actions and behaviors with which they show their affection.

1. He Seeks Your Company All The Time

There is nothing on earth that your dog loves more than being with you.

So it will always look for a way to lean on your leg, sit on your lap or try to settle into that small hole in the chair where it will surely fit.

Although this can be very overwhelming for you at times, understand that only then can he show you his affection.

2. He Licks You

For many that their dog does this, it becomes a laughing matter and even others simply try to avoid it.

Every time your dog licks you, he is trying to tell you that you are part of his family, that he loves you and respects you.

No matter how concentrated your scent is (like the scent of your feet), that’s better for him because it means he can enjoy your scent more.

3. He Lies Down Next To You

One of the things that your dog likes the most is to lie down next to us, that way he feels safe, loved, accompanied and relaxed.

So your dog will always find a way to lie down next to you to feel happy. 

Many four-legged friends love to sleep next to their human in bed – but that’s not okay for every two-legged friend.

Then you can always offer the dog to sleep in the basket at least in the same room.

In this way, he can also pursue his urgent need to be as close as possible to his human being.

4. Your Dog Likes to Lean Against You

You only like to lean against people you trust. It is the same with your dog: if he leans against you, he trusts you and enjoys being around you.

It also gives him the feeling of security and security .

If your dog leans on you even in frightening situations, he shows that you give him security. He can fully rely on you!

5. Steals Your Clothes

Every time your dog takes your socks and even your underwear, do not be angry with him, for your dog it is as if he had a jewel between his legs.

It is a very precious treasure because it smells like you and for him, your smell is one of the best on earth.

6. Take Care of Your Home

Hearing that your dog barks every time someone knocks on the door or comes to your house can be annoying,

but you must take into account that this behavior is because it is protecting your home and those it considers its family.

7. Follows You Around the House

If you get up from the couch and regardless of whether or not you take a second and come back,

you will know that he loves you too much and that he cannot be without you for a moment.

If your dog trusts you, you are a member of his pack or the pack leader.

Our four-legged friends are highly social animals that are always looking to be close to their pack , including you.

This is why your dog shows his affection by following you everywhere and checking again and again during play with others or at home to see whether you are still around.

8. He Watches You Like A Hawk.

If your dog keeps watching you every second as if he were a stalker,

calm down, the only thing he tries to tell you is that he does not want to lose sight of you because he loves to be by your side.

9. Wags His Tail Every Time He Sees You

If it matters that you have gone to work for hours or if you only went to another room for a second, your dog wags his tail when you return, with this reaction you will know that he dies of emotion when he sees you and that means that he is in love with you.

No one greets you as excitedly as your dog? That’s because he’s incredibly excited about your return – and that doesn’t have to have to do with how long you‘ve been away. When your dog jumps up and down in a frenzied manner, performs a dance of joy, and wags its tail, it is expressing its boundless joy.

10. Let You Caress Her Tummy

Every time your dog lets you stroke his belly, he puts himself in a physical position with which, in canine language, he shows vulnerability and submission. That act shows dedication and absolute trust towards you.

11. Let you hug him

Although you love to hug your dog, he does not like it too much. For a dog, being hugged by you is a symbol of dominance by which it feels somewhat threatened. Of course, they can perceive that this makes us happy, so they can tolerate it even if it does not make them feel comfortable.

12. He Goes Crazy with Excitement Every Time You Return Home

Without a doubt, no one can receive you with as much emotion when you get home as your dog. For him, every time he sees you and can be with you is the best thing that can happen to him during the day.

13. When He Smiles at You

Dogs smile because they learn it from us, this behavior is only performed by those who live with humans. They perform this action when they realize that by smiling our energy is positive, cheerful, and happy, so if your dog smiles at you it is because he has learned to imitate you in order to communicate with that same energy.

14. He Understands How You Feel

When you’re feeling sad, angry, happy, scared, sick, or completely depressed, your dog knows it. They are very sensitive beings and since they are aware of all our movements and gestures, they perceive our mood swings immediately. So if you are going through a difficult time your dog will know it and will be by your side.

15. He Shares His Favorite Toy With You

When your dog brings his absolute favorite toy to you and wants to play with you, he is also showing that he really likes you. However, those who receive the beloved toy without being asked to play can feel particularly honored: Now the dog wants to present his loved one with his great toy and share it with him. A true sign of devoted love.

16. He Turns To You When He Feels Threatened

Your dog relies entirely on you when he or she is guided by you in dangerous situations: If your four-legged friend feels insecure or is afraid, he will look up at you and see how you react. This is what the dog does when he can rely on you – unlike him – to have the problematic situation under control. He has real trust in you and you give your four-legged friend security!

17. He Maintains Deep and Intense Eye Contact With You.

If the dog anchors himself deeply in yours with his gaze, this indicates the love that is at least as deep as the gaze with which he looks at you. Studies have shown that your dog’s oxytocin levels go up while he looks at you so closely. This is the same hormone that triggers feelings of intense attachment in people too.