Fish Tank Without Filter

Fish are among the easiest pets to own and look after, but one crucial factor you must always ensure is the water to be of high quality.

The way of achieving this is by installing an appropriate filter to avoid specific problems in the tank.

However, this is something you might be tempted to overlook in a bid to try and cut down on the cost of running the aquarium.

You might now be skeptical whether there are any adverse impacts of leaving you fish tank without a filter, right?

If so, you’ve come to the right place as this article is a detailed guide on the importance of installing a filter in your fish tank.

Less Daily Maintenance

Cleaning your home aquarium regularly is essential as it quickly gets dirtied by your fish. This should always be the case regardless of whether you have several bottom-feeding fish, which help minimize the waste.

The installation of a filter is an effective way of reducing the number of times you need to clean your fish tanks. With one installed, you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to frequently free the glass of scum and keeping the water clear.

Offer Oxygenation and Aeration

The fish found in aquariums are either sourced from still waters such as ponds or habitats with fast-moving water, including streams and rivers.

While in these habitats, fish enjoy an excellent circulation of oxygen that guarantees their wellbeing. Therefore, this balance must be maintained after buying fish pets to put inside your fish tank.

Oxygenation and aeration of water can only be achieved by installing a filter.

With this device in place, you’re confident that your fish are getting enough supply of oxygen from the water, which is vital for their survival.

For planted fishbowl with no filter, the fishes are at risk of suffocating due to lack of adequate dissolved oxygen in the water. It’s thus clear that have a suitable filtration system is crucial for the survival of your fish.

Friendlier To Your Fish

A fish tank without a filter needs to be cleaned a lot more often.

The cleaning of your fish tank entails you taking out your fish and placing them aside, thereby allowing you to scrub it well.

This action of frequently scooping out the fish out for the tank is traumatizing to the fish. If you want to avoid this, installing a filter is the best solution.

Prevent Toxic Buildup In The Aquarium

If you want to maintain a thriving and healthy environment inside your fish tank, there needs to be enough filtration.

Otherwise, there’ll be a rise in toxic buildup inside the aquarium, which might lead to the poisoning of your fish. Furthermore, the lack of enough filtration might lead to the accumulation of toxins that cause the overall water quality to fall.

This usually happens because a lack of adequate filtration causes the buildup of debris and organic waste at your fish tank’s bottom.

The decline in water quality in your fish tank makes your fish more prone to infection as well as getting stressed.

Therefore, you should look to avoid this from happening by making sure to install a filter immediately into your fish tank.

Avoid Overfeeding

Are you just starting to rear fish in an aquarium?

If so, the worst mistake you need to avoid is overfeeding your fish. This is because fish will continue eating food inside the fish tank even when full.

As a result, this puts your fish at the risk of developing certain health conditions such as digestive disorders and liver disease. You don’t have to worry about your fish overeating with a filter in place because it removes any excess food that isn’t eaten right away.

More Hygienic

There’s no doubt that the filter plays a significant role in safeguarding the hygiene of your fish.

It also ensures you and your family are healthier by ensuring the fish tank doesn’t contain any mold, toxic chemicals, or anything else right in your living room.

A fish tank without a filter can be very harmful and might lead to a severe disease outbreak in your family.

Healthier Fish

Having a filter in your fish tank also helps ensure your fish are healthier.

It does this by removing toxic compounds from the water, such as ammonia, thereby lowering the chances of ammonia stress.

The ammonia stress condition is caused by the increased rise of ammonia inside your fish pets’ body and can increase rapidly if not stopped in time.

The worsening of this condition might lead to ammonia poisoning, which is fatal.


The temptation to leave you fish tank without a filter is one that most people experience as they look to cut down the electricity cost.

If you also had a similar thought, we hope that reading through this article has shown why you must never do this.

Consequently, you can rest assured that your fish tank will always be clean, and your fish healthy.



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