How Big Do Koi Fish Get?

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How Big Do Koi Fish Get In A Typical Aquarium?

The average, 12-15 inch, koi are best suited for indoor home aquariums. They are very easy to take care of because they do not eat very much, they add beauty to your home aquarium, and they are less expensive than the larger koi fish.

The Japanese koi, 22-26 inches, are too big for an indoor aquarium. These types of koi are better suited for outdoor ponds, where they have a lot more room to swim.

If you have the finances and want to keep them inside you would need a massive aquarium or an indoor pond.

The jumbo koi fish, 34-36 inches, have to have a sizeable outdoor pond or water garden. The largest koi on record is known as “Big Girl.” This koi is registered at 4.1 feet long and weighed an outstanding 91 pounds.

She is housed in England and eats half a kilo, 2 cups, of pedigree food a day to maintain the weight.

The meaning of the koi fish is luck, good fortune, perseverance, and strength of purpose. Koi fish is a very popular request in the tattoo world because of its meaning.

People get them because of a hard situation they have overcome or because of a lucky break or chance that they received. A red or pink koi fish is said to represent a daughter and an orange or red koi represents a mother.

Koi fish are a beautiful fish related to the carp family.

They are very popular in Japan and their breeding is taken very seriously. Koi fish can be found all over the world.

Koi Fish Are Beautiful

Most people use Koi fish for decoration in their outdoor ponds, aquariums, or water garden.

So how big do koi fish get? Koi will grow until they reach their genetically predetermined size. Most of your domestic (or regular koi) will be about 12 inches to 15 inches long.

The Japanese koi will reach 22 inches to 26 inches in length and your jumbo koi can get as big as 34 inches to 36 inches long.

Koi are majestic fish. Japanese Koi and domestic koi are genetically the same One is bred in Japan and one is bred in the United States.

Japanese koi are more expensive because of the exchange rate, shipping cost, and export costs.

You can find quality koi in the United States that are just as genetically sound and of as good a quality as the Japanese kid.

People like to keep looking at fish in their outside ponds and in aquariums partly because of their gorgeous colors. Along with the colors, you can get unique colorations or patterns.

The most popular color(s) for the koi fish is orange and white. But you also have red, yellow, cream, and even blue.


Koi fish are very beautiful Japanese fish, related to the carp, that are generally kept in outdoor ponds. Depending on where you purchase your koi, they could be quite expensive.

But, they are well worth the cost to add their majestic presence to your home or your yard. If you have your kids outside, you are going to want to be cautious of predators; raccoons, mink, badgers, cats, and Fox.


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