Is An Axolotl Your Ideal Pet?

Is An Axolotl Your Ideal Pet?

Is an Axolotl your ideal pet and do are you ready to keep one? Here is some helpful information to help you make a decision on this.

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to the perfect pet.

Some people prefer cats, while others may opt for dogs.

But what if you want something with a little more personality?

Maybe you should consider an axolotl as your next pet!

Axolotls are fascinating creatures that can be pretty entertaining and rewarding pets.


Read on to find out more about this unique animal and decide whether or not they’re the right fit for you! 

An axolotl might be the ideal pet for someone looking for something interesting, low-maintenance, and fun.

They have personalities like any other creature, which makes them great companions in addition to being easy-to-care-for pets that thrive in captivity without much need for too much care.

Can you hold an axolotl out of water?

Axolotls cannot live out of water. Just like how you use your lungs for breathing on land, the Red-eared Slider uses external gills to breathe underwater.

Although they can breathe without them for a short amount of time, this is not sustainable and will only happen until the animal runs out of oxygen.

They can also not eat or drink water while breathing with their external gills; instead, they must come up every few minutes to do so.

The lifespan of these animals varies depending on where they live, but with proper care, they should be around ten years old.

Axolotls can come onto land and go without water for days at a time.

However, for an axolotl to survive, it needs water periodically for cleaning to maintain the operational efficiency of its branchial arches.

So, unfortunately, you will need to find another toy if you’re looking for an animal that can stay out of water indefinitely!

Can you pet an axolotl?

You can pet an axolotl by feeling its tentacles.

Axolotls are amphibians with no real bone structure, so they have slippery skin and feel like they’re inside a gelatinous tube. (They’re just not used to the touch of other animals).

It may be difficult to sense them with your hand, but some people have reported being able to feel their slimy skin brush against their hands while petting them.

Can you buy an axolotl as a pet?

You can’t buy an axolotl as a pet. They must be caught in the wild, and they’re too delicate for a house pet.

Axolotls are primarily aquatic creatures with minimal lung capacity (they breathe mostly by diffusion from their skin).


They are considered bad pets because they have low tolerance levels for differences in water chemistry, temperature, and salinity/osmotic pressure from their native habitat in the lakes of Central Mexico.

But it’s also illegal to catch them without a special permit or export license).

So if you want one as a pet, your best bet is to find someone who has an axolotl that isn’t thriving well and needs new surroundings.

Can axolotls live out of water?

 Yes. Although the axolotl doesn’t need water, it needs moist air to breathe and could become ill if exposed to a stable room temperature for longer than two weeks.

Having webbed toes is also an adaptation that helps in migrating across arid habitats and capturing prey.

Axolotls can quickly adapt to live on land that is not wet, but they will usually still prefer areas where they can swim or lay a few inches of water on the ground.

So if you keep your axolotl out of water for three hours at a time, every day, then it could be fine without having access to any moisture, but I would advise against it. 

Can axolotls live with fish?

Axolotls can live with goldfish and other aquarium fish, but they have the potential to eat the small fry.

Because it may be challenging to identify the type of fish that might be eaten if there are many, keeping these animals together in one tank is not recommended.

Since axolotls do not come from the water where land animals live, they will usually not be interested in eating larger types of animal food floating around them.

That’s because axolotls are exclusively carnivorous and would only find smaller types of food appealing.

It is prudent for anyone who owns an axolotl to keep them on their tanks or containers separate from fish since they might end up eating smaller species ones too whole.

Can axolotls eat mealworms?

Axolotls are amphibians, cold-blooded animals that cannot regulate their body temperature.

They are unable to feed themselves, and they can’t live outside of water.

Mealworms would be impossible for an axolotl to eat because they have very dry skin (epidermis) that drinks little or no fluids.

Axolotls develop their limbs from complex structures during metamorphosis when they turn into land-dwelling adults.

And yes, humans and other mammals go through a similar process during embryological development—though we don’t transform as they do!

The axolotl’s shape is simple though beautiful; it has a broad, flat head and large eyes on either side of its long

Can axolotls eat fish food?

axolotls are omnivores and will eat any fish food that is in small pieces or flakes.

Axolotls need to have a balanced protein diet that varies from plant to protein.

Axolotls are also carnivorous so make sure you feed them meat if they aren’t eating it themselves.

The food most people use for axolotl feeding is called “feeder fish.”

Feeder fish come in all shapes and sizes but usually cost $0.99 per cube of shrimp at a pet store like Petco or Petsmart.


You can also find frozen mallard ducklings for about $5 each online, which are much cheaper than the hermit crabs you might think of using as feeders.

However, it’s not an easy answer because there are a lot of factors involved in figuring out what the best temperature for your axolotl should be.

The first thing you need to think about is where you live and the climate in your area. 

For example, if you live somewhere with hot summers and cold winters, then this would mean that your house might have different temperatures during each season.

This could also mean that the humidity levels will vary as well.

So how do we know which one is right? Well, it depends on what kind of environment you want to create for your pet axolotl!

In conclusion, axolotls are a type of salamander that is native to Mexico.

They’re some of the most popular pet animals in the world because they have the ability to regenerate lost limbs and can live up to 20 years with proper care.

We hope this post has helped you learn more about axolotl ownership.