How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly

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Dogs are excellent pets. Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for a reason. When you come home at the end of the day or after running errands, your dog will be waiting at the door to greet you.

Most dogs get very excited and will jump all over their owners to let them know that they are happy that the owner is home. Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Dogs need to be fed; they need regular exercise and an awful lot of love and attention.

One of the most essential and, at times, most difficult tasks is housebreaking your dog and getting him to relieve himself on command.

When you take your dog for a nice long walk, he will relieve himself when he is ready. After walking for a while, if often happens naturally.

When it is cold outside or when it is raining, the last thing that you want is to stand outside for several minutes, waiting for your dog to relieve themselves. When the weather is bad, both you and your dog won’t want to go for a long walk.

This can be a problem if you’re going to prevent your dog from having an accident in the house. If you are going to make life with your dog easy and stress-free, you need to know how to get your dog to poop quickly. There are a few ways that you can get your dog to do this.

Have a Set Schedule

If you are taking your dog outside at different times throughout the day, getting him to poop on command will be difficult. There will be days that he will poop quickly because he has been holding it for a while.

Waiting might seem like a good idea, but there will be times that your dog won’t be able to hold it, and he will have an accident in the house. If you want your dog to poop quickly, you need to stick to a schedule.

When your dog goes outside at the same time every day, his system will get used to going at this time. This is the first step to getting your dog to poop quickly.

Schedule the Walks At the Right Time

If your dog is going to poop quickly, you need to choose the right time to take him out. If you select a random time of the day, your dog might not have to go.

This will result in you standing outside with your dog, waiting for him to relieve himself, which can take a while. The best time to take your dog outside is after he eats.

You should wait about 5 to 15 minutes after your dog had a big meal to take him to relieve himself. This is when he will need to relieve himself the most, and you won’t need to wait too long for him to poop.

Get Him Moving

For some dogs, particularly older dogs, it takes a bit of moving around for him to be ready to poop.

This doesn’t mean that you need to take your dog for a two-mile walk each day to get him to poop. Instead, give him some time to walk around the house to get things moving, then take him outside.

It should take just a walk down the driveway or a short walk around the yard for your dog to be ready to go. Giving your dog this time to move can be very helpful. Many dog owners will put the leash on the dog and stand outside in one place.

While this might work fine for some dogs, others need to move around a bit to get things going. If your dog isn’t relieving himself as quickly as you would like, you should get him moving more and more.

Give Him a Belly Rub

If you got your dog up and moving around outside and he still won’t poop, try to give him a belly rub. Rubbing your dog’s belly in a clockwise motion will stimulate his bowels, which will help him poop faster.

This will also help relieve any stress that he feels, which will help him poop easier. This probably won’t be necessary every time you take your dog outside, but if he is struggling, this is a great way to help.

Come Up With a Dedicated Command

One of the most important things you need to do to get your dog to poop quickly is to teach him a command. Dogs are a lot smarter than you might think.

If you want your dog to poop fast, it is essential that you come up with a dedicated command to let him know that it is time to go. When choosing the command, it is best to pick a one or two-word command that he can easily distinguish.

Many dog owners will choose the word “go.” This is fine unless you use the word in the house if the dog gets in your way. If you use the word “go” to signal that it is time to go outside, you might not want to use that command.

If this happens, your dog will relieve himself before you get him outside. When you get out, you could tell your dog to go poop. You could also use just the word poop to get him to go quickly.

If you are also training your dog to pee quickly, you should have a different command for both.

Be Patient

It is imperative that you are patient when it comes to teaching your dog to poop quickly. Training a dog to do anything takes time.

It could take days and even weeks before your dog starts to poop quickly and on command. If you aren’t patient with your dogs, you will get frustrated, which will make it difficult for your dog to understand what you need him to do.

Your frustration will also stress your dog out, which will make it difficult for him to relieve himself. It would be best if you tried to remain calm and patient while you are still training your dog.

Go To the Same Spot

If you want your dog to poop quickly, you should always take him to the same spot. It would be best if you chose a place where he wouldn’t usually go when playing outside or taking a long walk.

If you take him to a common area, it will only confuse him. At your home, you have a dedicated place where you use the bathroom. It is a good idea if your dog has a dedicated place as well.

When choosing a dedicated area, it is best to select a grassy area. This will be easy on your dog’s feet, and he won’t have a problem going there. If you have no grass near the home, try to find a paved area with sand nearby.

Finally, when choosing a dedicated spot, you should try to find someplace quiet. Dogs are like humans in that they enjoy peace and quiet when they are trying to relieve themselves.

Clean Up After Your Dog

After your dog poops, it is essential that clean up after him. Not only is this important for the grass and your neighbors, but your dog will have an easier time relieving himself in the dedicated area.

Most dogs like to relieve themselves in clean areas, and if the area is filled with feces, your dog might won’t go on command, and he might not even want to use the area at all.

Each time your dog poops, you should clean it up so that he has a clean and fresh place the next time he goes outside.

Reward Your Dog

When your dog poops quickly, and on command, it is essential that you reward him. When he sees that he will be rewarded for this good behavior, he will be more likely to continue doing it.

As soon as your dog poops, you should tell him that he is a good dog. Give him a gentle pet to let him know that you are happy with him. You also want to give him a treat.

Praise and rewards are essential if you want your dog to keep pooping quickly and on command.

Be Consistent

Dogs thrive through their structure. If your dog is going to poop on command each time you take him outside, you need to be consistent.

Even if you are taking your dog for a long walk, you should still take him to his dedicated spot first and command him to poop. When he does, praise him, give him his treat, and then continue the walk.

It is essential that you have your dog poop right away, regardless of how long you plan to stay outdoors.

Teaching your dog to poop quickly will be good for both of you. If it is very hot or cold outside, or if it is raining, neither of you will want to stay out for very long.

Also, the extreme cold or heat can be hard on the soles of your dog’s feet. If you can get him to poop right when you get outside, it will make life easier for everyone.

If you follow each of the tips listed above and you are patient, it shouldn’t be long before your dog is relieving himself quickly every time.



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