The 10 Cleanest Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Neapolitan Mastiff

If you have a kid at home, cleanliness can be a challenge.

Kids love to touch and play with everything, which means that it’s only a matter of time before they drop their food or drinks on the carpets.

In addition, kids are messy as well, so it’s no wonder parents might consider avoiding having a dog inside the house.

Luckily, some dog breeds are ideal for families because they don’t shed or track in dirt and fur that will leave your apartment looking filthy.

Below are the top 10 cleanest dog breeds you can have at home.

1. Poodles

These dogs come in three variants: the standard poodle, miniature poodle, and toy poodle.

They are all great companions for families with kids because they don’t shed or get dirty quickly.

This breed doesn’t need a lot of baths because it will maintain its cleanliness no matter what temperature or season you live in.

Poodles are initially water dogs who were used for hunting ducks or catching fish by swimming after them.

That makes it an instinct for the poodle breed to try to stay clean at all times.

They will drag their paws on the ground and lick it clean if they accidentally walk through mud, so this means you don’t have to spend much time cleaning up after your dog.

They also maintain their appearance no matter what, which is why many owners shave off their fur into funky styles like mohawks or ballerina bobs.

How often should you bathe a poodle?

A poodle can last days without bathing because of its dense undercoat that repels dirt and oil from its topcoat.

However, it’s still recommended to bathe them regularly, at least once a month.

2. Shih Tzus

shih tzus

Shih Tzus is one of the cutest small dogs in town because they have a long silky coat covering their face.

When kept clean and well-maintained by regular grooming sessions, these sweet canines won’t track in dirt or drop hair all over your apartment floor.

Shih Tzus are clean dogs because they love to keep themselves well-groomed.

If you plan on living in a tiny house or an apartment, this is the dog for you because it doesn’t leave much mess behind.

This no-shedding pooch is also one of the best breeds for kids because it can learn commands quickly and complements discipline with affectionate glares that melt your heart.

This breed has been around since 600 B.C., when Buddhist monks used it as guard dogs to protect sacred temples from robbers and other intruders.

Today, these dogs are popular among families, pet lovers, and collectors because they come in various colors like red, brown, black, white, and tan.

They are intelligent dogs too, so you won’t find it hard to teach them new tricks.

3. Japanese Spitz


If you don’t like the long curly hairs found in poodles, try Japanese Spitz instead.

This breed has short, dense fur that won’t shed quickly, so it doesn’t create mess indoors.

However, regular grooming is still needed to maintain its cleanliness because it isn’t wholly hypoallergenic, meaning it may still cause allergic reactions in some people.

When it comes to cleanliness, the Japanese Spitz ranks second, right after the poodle.

It is a low-shedding breed that will not only keep your kids away from dog allergies but also free of dirt and dander found on floors or furniture.

It also needs minimal grooming, so you will only spend less time keeping it clean, just like the poodle.

This breed is also adaptable to different climates and temperature fluctuations because of its dense coat, which allows it to endure cold weather without getting sick quickly.

It can even last for hours after wetting itself with water to cool down during summer heat.

Because of this trait, this breed is perfect for bringing along during family vacations or camping trips in forested areas or mountains where there are few baths around.

Learn more about the Japanese Spitz here.

4. Miniature Schnauzers

miniature schnauzer-dog

The miniature schnauzer is a tiny breed with neat fur that will not leave your floor dirty or messy.

It only needs very minimal maintenance and occasional brushing to stay clean until its next bath time.

But note that this dog is not hypoallergenic, so it may still trigger allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

If you are considering adopting a miniature schnauzer puppy, you should consider the grooming habits of its parents.

If they were meticulous about their hygiene and appearance, you could expect your dog to be the same way.

It loves to be clean, and it will need frequent baths if yours is more like its sire or dam.

If you want a great family pet but are afraid of dogs with health issues, this is another type of breed you might want to look at for your next addition to your family.

It does not suffer from any hereditary diseases, making it ideal for first-time owners of dogs because there are no surprises once it becomes an adult.

The miniature schnauzer only sheds moderately, so it is very adaptable indoors as well as outdoors.

It is a type of dog that makes your children happy because it loves to be loved and pampered by other family members.

5. Maltese


The Maltese are among the oldest dog breeds in town already mentioned in classic literature like “Moby Dick” and “The Three Musketeers.”

It belongs to the toy group of dogs because it only grows up to 5 lbs.

It makes it small for apartment living while maintaining its cleanliness.

Just make sure you groom this breed regularly because it has long fur around its neck that can get dirty or tangled easily.

6. Irish Water Spaniel

If your kid loves playing outside, bring along the Irish water spaniel next time instead of a Shih Tzu or Maltese.

This dog’s dense coat is water-resistant, so it can still look great even after a day in the pool, beach, or other wet areas.

In addition, it doesn’t shed its hair often, so cleaning up your apartment will be much easier when this breed comes home with you and your family.

7. Bichon Frise

bichon frise

Bichons come in various sizes: a bigger standard bichon frise and a smaller toy bichon frise variant.

Both types are low-maintenance since they don’t usually get dirty quickly and fall sick less frequently than other breeds due to their hypoallergenic fur that won’ leave dirt and fur all over your home.

However, regular grooming sessions are still needed to maintain its cleanliness and remove tangles and matting from its coat.

8. Brussels Griffons

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels griffon is an adorable dog you won’t want to bring inside because it sheds hair like crazy.

Instead, keep this breed outside as much as possible so there will be less hair stuck on the floors of your apartment or house when you come back from work or school.

Brussel griffons also require regular brushing due to long fur that can get tangled easily.

9. Golden Retriever

golden retriever

The Golden retriever is a clean dog breed that does not require a lot of grooming. They have a water-resistant coat that does not mat easily. This breed needs to be brushed at least once a week to keep its coat looking healthy and tangle-free.

A golden retriever’s nails should be trimmed every two to four weeks, and its ears should be cleaned regularly to prevent infection.

10. Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

The Chinese crested is one of the best dogs for people who hate bathing their pets often because this breed doesn’t need it.

This hypoallergenic pup won’t leave hair on your apartment floor even if you skip grooming sessions, so some owners say they forget to give it baths regularly or at all!

Make sure you brush and comb its long silky coat every few days, however, to keep it fresh-smelling and healthy.

Dogs like the Miniature Schnauzer require regular grooming even though they don’t shed often as they can still quickly get dirty or tangled with their dense fur.

If you want a dog that is easy to maintain and doesn’t shed or get dirty quickly, there are plenty of breeds out there for you.

The ten cleanest dog breeds we mentioned all have different pros and cons, so it’s crucial to think about your needs before committing to one.

For example, if you live in an apartment without much space, then the Maltese Terrier would be ideal because they don’t need regular baths as other dogs do.

On the other hand, living outside isn’t possible due to weather conditions or safety concerns such as climbing stairs regularly with a heavy pup.

Brussels Griffons may be more appropriate since they stay cleaner than other short-haired dogs even though they require brushing regularly.

Whatever breed appeals most to you, make sure you research before committing to a dog breed.