What weeds can rabbits eat?

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There is no doubt that pet’s dietary needs have been misunderstood in the past. When it comes to rabbits, they are considered as hind-gut fermenters. This means that rabbits require a high-fiber and abrasive diet that will provide them with a good bacterial balance to help in keeping their digestive system running accordingly. Furthermore, their diet should also help maintain good teeth and help regulate their weight at the same time.

Rabbit Eating weeds

Understanding the type and the amount of food you should feed your rabbit is vital. However, this can be relatively challenging, particularly among the newbies. Fortunately, in this article, we shall be discussing what weeds can rabbit eat, allowing you to maintain their health and increase their longevity significantly.

Types of weeds that rabbits eat

First and foremost, ensure that your rabbit receives a sufficient amount of freshwater and has to be changed every day. In addition to that, you should ensure that the water does not freeze during the winter season and that your water bowl is free from droppings contamination. With that said, some of the best weeds to feed your rabbit include;


Taraxacum officinale, commonly referred to as dandelion, are often loved by rabbits. These weeds are relatively easy to recognize. This weed can be fed to the rabbit, including their flowers and leaves. When using this weed, you should note that sometimes it tends to turn the rabbits wee into red or orange; therefore, you should not panic whenever this occurs.

Goose Grass

Galium aparine, commonly referred to as goosegrass or cleavers, sticky Willy, as well as a sticky bud, is an incredible weed which is also loved by rabbits. Identifying it is relatively easy due to its feel, which is sticky. The weed is covered in plenty of tiny hooks that often stick to fur and clothing. This weed features short leaves arranged in circles around a relatively long stalk with small white flowers that become a round sticky ball when the seed heads. This weed often grows wrapped around or in other plants.

Garlic Mustard

Alliaria petiolata, commonly referred to as Garlic mustard or Jack in a Hedge, is a weed with large leaves shaped like a heart and had jagged edges. Furthermore, it is equipped with flowers that are relatively small, and each has four white petals. When it comes to smell, this weed features a garlic-like smell. The weed is not only healthy for rabbits but also loved.

Dead Nettle

Urtica dioica, also referred to as stinging nettle or dead nettle, is a great weed that is ideal for rabbits. Unlike humans, rabbits don’t notice the stings. Nevertheless, you should note that it poses some problems when it comes to collecting it and lying around the rabbit’s house. Therefore, you will need to wear protective gear when collecting the dead nettle.

In addition to the sting, the other and easiest way in which you can identify this particular weed is by looking at their flowers. The dead nettle features small sprays of white-green flowers, which often don’t appear to be flowers.

Smooth sow thistle

Smooth sow thistle is loved and can be fed to rabbits. This weed might seem tough for rabbits to chew, but they still manage to feed on them. Furthermore, this weed is relatively easy to pick when it comes to picking, unlike the dead nettle. The smooth sow thistle features leaves with shapes similar to dandelion; however, they are slightly grey-green, and sometimes they are purple as it ages. This weed tends to grow tall stalks rather than growing low on the ground. The weed can grow to several feet tall, and they have yellow flowers that are relatively small compared to dandelion. Every flower spike is equipped with flowers.

Lettuce or Lactuca serriola is a plant that is similar to smooth sow thistle; however, it is not safe for feeding your rabbits. On the other hand, the smooth sow thistle is loved by rabbits and tends to be highly nutritious.

Final verdict

Understanding each of the above weeds and their appearances is highly essential. Furthermore, these types of weed are considered to be highly nutritious and best for feeding your rabbits. As we conclude, we hope that you find this article beneficial as you look for the best weed to feed your rabbit.

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