Why Do Cats Eat Bugs? – What You Need to Know

Most people who have cats keep wondering why they eat bugs and if it safe or not. This is a common behavior with cats. You may be wondering what is going on with your cat when you see it eating a bug or chasing one. Most household insects are harmless and may not cause much concern when your cat ingests them.

So, why do cats eat bugs?

There are many reasons why cats eat bugs such as cats love to hunt as this is natural to all carnivorous animals. When it comes to domesticated cats they rarely have this experience of catching prey because they are always indoors. Therefore, their instincts of hunting are turned to bugs that are around the house.

Many cats have the thrill of chasing prey and that is the reason you will see your cat chasing a fly or a cockroach. Cats are wired to catch small creatures that they play with before eating their prey. Bugs are also useful as a protein supplement in the diet of a cat. Though your cat is not looking for a diet supplement it is just fulfilling its natural urge to hunt.

Is it safe for cats to eat bugs?

There is no need to get stressed out when you witness a cat feeding on a bug and you should know that there are various reasons why your cat is trying to catch bugs in the house. As a cat owner, you should ensure that your cat is safe and which bugs it eats as some of the bugs can be poisonous.

When cats eat bugs, there can be some problems but most of these problems are minor. Most of the household insects will not cause any harm at all to your cat but if your cat eats many bugs at once especially insects such as beetles it can have an upset stomach because of the exoskeleton.

Luckily most cats know what is poisonous and what is not. However, if your cat ingests a poisonous insect, there can be serious repercussions afterward. A poisonous bug can cause intestinal problems. Besides, a poisonous bug can bite your cat causing external problems.

At times when cats are chasing and hunting bugs they do not even ingest them. They just play with the insect and they don’t swallow it. Most times domesticated cats are just hunting to pass time and enjoy themselves.

So when you see your cat bug hunting, it is just being a cat. It is practicing its wild side when chasing the insects in the house. But if you notice that your cat has ingested a bug and you are not sure if the bug is non-poisonous, you can take your cat to the vet to check it out to ensure its safety.

The most adverse effects your kitty will experience from eating house insects would be vomiting, or diarrhea. Such effects clear up after some time on their own but if the vomiting or diarrhea continues for some days, you should take your cat to the vet.






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