Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

Why do some kittens eat so much anyway and why is my kitten always hungry?

Here are a few reasons why your kitty might be feeling famished all the time, no matter how many treats you give them or how many different brands of cat food you offer them.

Kittens naturally burn energy at an extremely high rate because they rapidly grow and develop their muscles, bones, teeth, and brain cells.

If they didn’t eat more than the average adult cat, their tiny bodies wouldn’t have enough energy to support them through playtime or hunting.

Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

When it comes time for my kitten to hunt its prey, she can run extremely fast and attack her target by pouncing on top of it – all within a matter of seconds!

She’ll never be able to catch anything if she isn’t constantly fueling herself with food that contains high amounts of protein because otherwise, her muscles won’t develop properly.

It also explains why kittens are always playing around instead of sleeping as older cats do – they need lots of physical activity for their body tissues to grow and stronger.

After they’ve caught their prey and eaten it, they need to digest the food so they can use its nutrients to develop properly.

The Kitten Is Growing

Once kittens reach adulthood after about one year of age, their growth rates slow down drastically – but this doesn’t mean that your cat isn’t still developing!

Cat bodies are fast at converting proteins into body tissues like muscle and bone, which is why grown-up cats who don’t get enough protein from what they eat will be way too skinny even if you feed them all the time.

That also explains why older kitties sometimes seem hungrier than ever.

That is even when you know there’s nothing wrong with how much food or treats you give them; since their metabolism slows down as they get older, it takes a lot more food to provide them with the energy that they need!

Your Kitten’s Nutritional Needs

If you have multiple cats in your household, and one of them is always asking for more food than what they usually eat during mealtime, this might be because another cat isn’t getting enough protein.

It would be best if you fed each kitty according to their nutritional needs so everyone can stay healthy without feeling too hungry all day long.

If your feline family member seems hungrier than usual even though they have been eating regularly, take them in to see a vet right away to make sure everything is okay – especially if other symptoms like diarrhea are present as well.

Ginger gets hungry after she wakes up from her afternoon nap.

I make sure to give her some extra food before bedtime so that she’s full for the night.

Is Your Kitten Eating Too Fast?

The acidity in the stomach of a kitten’s system does not create enough hydrochloric acid to break down food; this means that large quantities are not digested.

Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

The acids may cause ulcers, making it difficult for the kitten to excrete any content from its stomach or duodenum properly.

Kittens typically have small intestines but digest undigested foods because their renal systems are undeveloped and unable to efficiently break down proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Kittens can experience something called “starvation pneumonia”

When there is indigestible matter in their stomachs that creates anaerobic bacteria within the gut, causing gas pockets to form when little or no food is present.

Kittens Eating and Throwing Up

The neural circuits regulating appetite in the brain are being established during kittenhood.

This can result in a “hunger cycle” – where kittens become hungry, eat for a while, and then throw up as they cannot digest all of the food at once.

In felines, this hunger period usually lasts from zero to four weeks of age.

Afterward, your kitten should be able to keep food down and will not need to vomit anymore.

It could be that your pet adopted a new diet that was too high in protein for their juvenile system – both hard-to-digest proteins and large quantities can give this effect.

Alternatively, it simply could have been a juvenile tummy ache from not drinking enough fluids with their food.

A cat’s stomach acid kills the harmful bacteria that can cause severe diarrhea or vomiting, so if you have a kitten eating and throwing up regularly – especially after consuming dry foods – they need to see a vet right away!

Why does my kitty always want more? She is always hungry even though she eats four times a day.

I think it might be because of her age since kittens are growing all the time until they reach adulthood at one year old.

Otherwise, there could be something wrong with your pet, like an ulcer in their digestive tract, which makes them unable to digest all of their food correctly.

How much should a healthy kitten eat?

When a kitten has been weaned, you should feed them three times a day.

A healthy kitten should have a wet food diet and an opportunity to eat dry food at each meal.

Typical meals may include:

  • Canned cat food.
  • Freshwater.
  • Warm water to help with hydration.
  • Commercial or homemade foods for the dry portion of the diet.

Freshly cooked meats may be substituted for canned foods as long as they are pureed adequately so your little one can suck it up from their mouth area.

In addition, eggs also work great!

Foods such as dairy products should not be given due to their wavelike “acidification” effect on cats which has been shown to create stomach ulcers that may affect how much your kitten eats.

Why is my cat so hungry?

It may be because while kittens are growing, they need to eat more than once a day in small amounts which means that your feline family member isn’t actually eating enough.

Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

This can result in excessive weight loss or even malnutrition if it continues for too long – and of course, this will make them hungrier!

Kittens who aren’t getting what they need from their diet should get proper nutrition through supplements like milk replacement formula;

However, these foods also contain lactose which could cause an upset stomach that makes the problem worse!

If you’re not sure about specific ingredients in your pet’s food, always check with your vet before feeding anything new to ensure there are no adverse side effects.

Could It Be Cancer?

It’s unlikely that your cat is eating much because it has cancer, but if you’re worried, then you should take her to the vet.

Cats with thyroid problems can suffer from a lack of appetite and vomiting, different from cancer-related anorexia and weight loss.

Cats who have one of these conditions will typically wean themselves off food even though they seem unwell.

Cats with thyroid issues and cancer probably won’t eat because the cat insists on not eating when it feels sickening or during radiation therapy.

The vital thing to know is that if no other symptoms appear, such as weight loss or blood in vomit, then the cause for missed meals almost always revolves around something else besides cancer.

The other possibility is that your kitty may have a gastrointestinal disorder such as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD.

If you’re not sure if it’s the latter condition, watch their stool to see whether they have diarrhea and weight loss; cats with vomiting caused by cancer usually won’t lose any weight because of how much food they need to consume.

Is Your Kitten Bored or Depressed

Kitties are solitary animals, not pack animals like dogs.

A common misconception is that they need to be played with constantly while they’re trying to sleep!

All you need to do is make sure it has plenty of food, water, and litter; provide toys; take your kitty outside if possible; and spend some time with your kitty every day (whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour).

It takes cats longer than other pets to exhaust their prey drive, so you’ll find that once the initial trauma of moving into a new place fades away, your cat will naturally reduce interaction to conserve energy for hunting.

So don’t worry if your feline friend seems less interested in socializing over time – this is normal!

Why is my cat so hungry? It may be because they are bored.

There you have it!

Why Is My Kitten Always Hungry?

Hopefully, these reasons will help explain why your cat seems hungrier than others even though they’re eating all of their meals.

If your feline friend is always begging for more food, this might be because something else isn’t right; instead – take them in to see a vet immediately if this continues over time so everything can get figured out and fixed fast.

There are many other possible causes, too, like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or intestinal parasites, which need to be treated by professionals who know how to handle them.


Kittens are always hungry and need more food than adult cats.

If you’re noticing that your kitten is constantly begging for food, it may be a sign of an underlying health issue or just their natural appetite!

We can help you determine why by running some tests to determine if they have worms, parasites, or another type of infection.

Contact us today to find out how we might be able to provide relief for your kitty’s hunger cravings!